Lego Wants Us All To Live In A Tiny, Brick, Yellow Submarine With A Beatles-Themed Set

Special bonus: Finally, the Fab Four can star in Lord of the Rings!

WHAT: The Beatles “Yellow Submarine” Lego set, out November 1.


WHO: John, Paul, George, and Ringo–plus their weird blue-faced gopher pal Jeremy Hillary Boob–all get the Lego treatment in the collection.

WHY WE CARE: The set comes with a Lego-animated version of Yellow Submarine, the Beatles’ weirdest movie by some distance. (Maybe if they had managed to make their lost version of The Hobbit, they could have topped it.) The video puts the lads from Liverpool underwater, fighting a sea monster in their Lego-constructed yellow submarine as they attempt to rescue a fisherman who gets pulled under–and because there are no Blue Meanies or Jeremy involved, it’s still only about half as weird as the psychedelic animated feature from 1968. It’s a great way to advertise the set, though, which comes out just in time for Christmas, and includes mini-figures of all four Beatles, and 550 pieces so fans can build their own custom yellow submarines. And the way this fits into the wider Lego universe is an added bonus–finally, the Beatles’ yellow submarine race a Lego Batmobile, Ringo Starr can realize his destiny aboard the Death Star, and the Fab Four can star in their own Lord of the Rings at last.

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