Samantha Bee Is The Voice You Need To Hear On #TrumpTapes

The consistently great late-night host had the weekend to process his vagina monologue, and her fiery response does not disappoint.

Samantha Bee Is The Voice You Need To Hear On #TrumpTapes

WHAT: A scorched earth response to Donald Trump’s latest, and perhaps campaign-toppling, scandal.

WHO: Samantha Bee and the team at Full Frontal.

WHY WE CARE: It was an apocalyptic weekend for Donald Trump. Although his supporters claim media bias is what is to blame for antipathy toward their candidate of choice, this weekend it was strictly Trump’s own words that did him in. (Oh wait, that’s also what does it EVERY SINGLE OTHER TIME.) In a move that caused me to say the word ‘pussy’ to my mother for the first time ever, Trump told Access Hollywood host Billy Bush (in 2005) that because of his star status, he will occasionally “grab [women] by the pussy.” Audio from Howard Stern interviews then emerged less than 24 hours later, in which Trump says, among other choice bon mots, that it is okay to call his daughter Ivanka a “piece of ass.” Trump then concluded the weekend by losing his second consecutive presidential debate, only after assembling a panel of women who have accused Bill Clinton of sexual assault and attempting to have them confront Hillary at the debate. (A move thwarted by the Commission on Presidential Debates.) So, not a great weekend for Trump. It gets worse, though, because most late-night comedy shows don’t air on weekends, meaning some emergency writing sessions were probably called into order with hopes of crafting the perfect response to “Pussygate.” The one Co.Create wanted to hear from perhaps most of all, though, was the team at Full Frontal. Last night, they delivered the goods. It’s not just that as the leading female in late night, Samantha Bee can speak to Trump’s comments and their reverberations from that perspective, it’s also just the no-fucks-given way she’s covered Trump this entire campaign. If you thought Bee was fired up about NBC shows like The Tonight Show and Saturday Night Live normalizing Donald Trump, wait until you get a load of her righteous fury at the Republican leaders who only just now realized that maybe they shouldn’t have done that either.

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