• 10.10.16

A New Coors Light Docu-Series Ditches The Mountains To Tell Stories Of Resiliency

The brand’s first-ever content series, “My Climb. My Story” spotlights real-life tales of people overcoming personal challenges.

A New Coors Light Docu-Series Ditches The Mountains To Tell Stories Of Resiliency

When I say the words “Coors Light advertising,” chances are the first couple images that flash before your eyes will be mountains and snow (maybe with a side of Van Damme) the can that tells you your beer is cold, and maybe some dude-bro Olympics.


But for the brand’s first-ever swing at branded content, created by agency 72andSunny, the silver bullet has eschewed cliche beer ad fare in favor of personal stories of inspiration. Of course, this theme itself is well-trod territory for brands at this point but coming from Coors Light it’s an unexpected twist.

The “My Climb. My Story” series kicks off with a short profile of fashion designer and entrepreneur Shezi, whose career was derailed last year due to a heart tumor. But despite this initial setback, Shezi pushed himself to make a full recovery and has opened his own shop OU:RS in Los Angeles.

72andSunny creative director Jed Cohen says the idea behind this type of content is to open up conversations that encourage people to take on and conquer their own challenges.

“When you tell the stories of real people and the incredible things they’ve faced, it becomes both really powerful and really personal,” says Cohen. “This type of content also allows us to naturally highlight the role of our product as a ‘refreshing reward’ in real and relatable scenarios.”

In making the series, Cohen says they were looking to support and share real, powerful human stories, and Shezi was a natural choice. “When Shezi came on our radar, it was such an instant yes,” says Cohen. “We had some general ideas about the type of people we were looking for but we were so blown away by the many genuine layers to his story and true moments that he’s been faced with adversity and chosen to keep pushing forward.”

The series will debut on Coors Light’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube accounts with more short films rolling out in the next year.

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