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Watch “The Daily Show” Rip Apart Fox News’ Racist Chinatown Sketch

Ronny Chieng is not happy about Jesse Watters inflammatory “comedy” on Bill O’Reilly’s show, and this spectacular rant explains why.

Watch “The Daily Show” Rip Apart Fox News’ Racist Chinatown Sketch

WHAT: The Daily Show’s response to Fox News’ infamous Chinatown segment.

WHO: Correspondent Ronny Chieng.

WHY WE CARE: “I regret if anyone was offended” is obviously not an apology. Yet this is how Fox News stooge Jesse Watters addressed the growing condemnation of a recent segment in which he travelled to New York’s Chinatown and traded on every stereotype about Asian people that became hack at least 30 years ago. Watters regrets that Bill de Blasio thinks he should be kept off of TV, but he doesn’t regret his retrograde sketch that promotes the Trumpian notion that immigrants are strangers who should be feared or, preferably, mocked. While de Blasio can only say so much about Watters’s garbage video and attitude without pissing off constituents, leave it to The Daily Show to go all the way. Correspondent Ronnie Chieng, whose sitcom recently got picked up by Fox, explains precisely why this video is so brazenly racist, citing some examples casual viewers might not have caught. “If you’re going to be racist at least get your stereotypes right,” he says at one point. “Karate isn’t Chinese, it’s Japanese. And you’re doing it in a tae kwan do studio, which is Korean, you jerk off.” The insults only get worse from there, but by the time Chieng goes to Chinatown himself to conduct a few interviews—those insults feel well-earned.

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