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This Is How Wes Anderson Approaches Worldbuilding

Moonrise Kingdom—Where Story Meets Style reveals how Wes Anderson ensures what appears on the screen enriches what’s on the page.

This Is How Wes Anderson Approaches Worldbuilding

WHAT: Moonrise Kingdom — Where Story Meets Style, a video that explains how Wes Anderson fleshed out the universe in which he set this 2012 film.

WHO: Michael Tucker of Lessons From The Screenplay.

WHY WE CARE: We’ve examined before the way Wes Anderson infuses his visual style with immaculate composition. Almost every centered, meticulously prop-strewn shot reveals something new about the characters and their history. This video essay, however, looks beyond the aesthete’s acclaimed visual style to uncover other ways the director uses details to build out the specific and memorable worlds of his films. The test case here is Moonrise Kingdom, a film whose setting continually matches the tone of the fantasy novels its protagonist Suzy prefers to read. Tucker closely compares the screenplay with the finished film, and shows how Anderson creates such a lived-in world. Seeing what he’s come up with will make you appreciate Anderson’s genius all the more, and make you want to revisit all of his films–not just Moonrise Kingdom.

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