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Here Are 16 Creative Tips For Killing It On Instagram

The Cooperative of Photography has just released a new video breaking down 16 simple tricks and tips for taking cooler smartphone pics.

Here Are 16 Creative Tips For Killing It On Instagram

WHAT: A new video revealing some creative tips on how to Instagram better.

WHO: The photography obsessives at COOPH, and star photographer Chris Burkard.

WHY WE CARE: As we’ve mentioned before, your friends are liars. Not every photo they post on social media is exactly what it purports to be. The latest video from the Cooperative of Photography, however, reveals 16 ways to fight fire with less-deceptive fire. It’s a collection of tips, tricks, and hacks from photographer Chris Burkard, who has over 2 million followers on Instagram, for cultivating a following on the social photo app. Mixed in with ideas on consistency and photo editing are etiquette suggestions for better engagement. In the fourth quarter of 2016, nobody is waking up one morning and deciding it’s finally time to give The Instagrams™ a shot, but anyone who even suspects they’ve been doing it wrong all along should not ignore that instinct.

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