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This Fake Commercial Is Pretty Much “Every Commercial Ever”

YouTube’s The Kloons have managed to pack an impressive number of cliches from a wide variety of ad styles to form one big supercommercial.

This Fake Commercial Is Pretty Much “Every Commercial Ever”

WHAT: A satirical video tour of advertising styles.

WHO: YouTube jokesters The Kloons.

WHY WE CARE: Plinky guitar strumming? Check. Overly sanitized scenes of suburbia? Obviously. A diverse group of friends gathered for a vague social occasion? You bet. The Kloons certainly did their homework when they set out to make one fake commercial that would synthesize all the various genres of commercial. But wait, there’s more! This fake ad isn’t just a dissection of tropes, it’s an indictment of advertising as an industry that seeks to provide an existential Band-Aid in the form of emotional manipulation. The tagline of the spot is “Stop dreading life and start avoiding it: With our product or service,” which is the underlying throughline of consumerism in general. The Kloons wouldn’t have made the video, however, if they didn’t understand that this logic applies to all forms of distraction. In fact, what is it exactly that you’re avoiding by reading this right now?

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