• 10.03.16

Sure, Why Not? Vice Media Is Launching Its Very Own Beer

Old Blue Last, named after the brand-owned London pub, launches this month in various New York locations with the help of AB InBev.

Sure, Why Not? Vice Media Is Launching Its Very Own Beer

Well, perhaps we all should’ve seen this coming. Vice has finally taken its reputation for debauchery and alcohol-fuelled adventure full circle with the launch of its very own beer.


Named for the pub in London’s Shoreditch neighborhood that Vice bought in 2004–which has since played host to artists like Amy Winehouse, Charli XCX, Black Lips, Diplo, and more–the beer is described as “a smooth, five-percent-ABV beer with a refreshing, distinct flavor” and “a perfect patio beer.” It’s being brewed in small batches within Vice Media’s New York headquarters, and in larger quantities at a facility in Long Island, with the help and expertise of the media company’s frequent client AB InBev. Over the last few years, Vice has developed content, media, agency, and production services for more than 10 AB InBev brands around the world, including the brewing conglomerate’s global music strategy. Now Vice is tapping the brewer’s expertise.

Andrew Creighton, co-president of Vice told us in an email, “Pubs and beer are the social fabric of our communities, bringing people together to meet, laugh, debate, and create. The Old Blue Last is the best pub in the world, bringing Vice’s spirit to all who pass through. I’m beyond excited that we’re now bringing that spirit through Old Blue Last beer.”

Kirk Knight plays The Old Blue Last in March 2016.

Maybe they thought people might think Vice was getting soft after announcing its new advocacy-driven Impact channel, or seeing Shane Smith’s L.A. mansion and reading about his penchant for rare grand cru burgundy. A canned beer that takes its design cues from Golden Anniversary seems like Vice grasping back to its bad-ass roots, while the AB InBev partnership keeps things appropriately corporate and brand-friendly.

The beer will be on tap at work for Vice employees, and available in both gold and silver cans in various bars in lower Manhattan and Brooklyn this month before rolling our nationally and internationally.

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