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This Fake Ad Satirizes The Media’s Coddling Of Sexual Predators

It’s an ad for a recovery center that treats the “real” victims of sexual assault–the perpetrators.

This Fake Ad Satirizes The Media’s Coddling Of Sexual Predators

WHAT: A satirical new video about the way sexual assault is discussed in the media.

WHO: Above Average, and comedy writer Zoe Schwab.

WHY WE CARE: In both the days preceding and following Brock Turner’s conviction for sexual assault, he was referred to in the media as the Stanford Swimmer. As if no more notable facet of his life had one-upped his proclivity for water sports! Furthermore, the judge who doled out a lenient, ultimately three-month sentence explained his rationale by worrying that “a prison sentence would have a severe impact on him.” Never mind the impact the events leading up to the conviction had on the victim, as excruciatingly documented in an open letter to her rapist–this guy might not get to eat steak for a while! All of this is why a video advertising a recovery center specializing in the treatment of rapists barely registers as satire. This darkly funny video from Above Average is a reminder of the saintly treatment sexual predators all too often receive, and a call to arms about letting them escape the earned stigma.

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