The Six Major Election Issues We Plan To Tackle At #FCNY16

At the Fast Company Innovation Festival, business leaders will confront pressing issues—from jobs to criminal justice reform—head-on.

The Six Major Election Issues We Plan To Tackle At #FCNY16
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Whatever your political leanings, there is a lot at stake pending the outcome of this year’s topsy-turvy election cycle. From jobs to issues of race, women’s equality and how to confront ISIS–these are the issues of our time, and we’ll be talking about them November 1-4 at our second annual Fast Company Innovation Festival in New York City. In particular, we’ll hear about some of the innovative solutions that visionaries in technology and business are creating to lead us into a more equitable, prosperous future. A few examples:

  1. Chobani founder and CEO Hamdi Ulukaya, himself an immigrant, has been hiring refugees to work in his U.S. yogurt factories for the past five years. Onstage in November, Ulukaya will discuss this as well as his overall commitment to “conscious capitalism”
  2. In conversation together, activist DeRay Mckesson, Prosecutor Integrity founder Adam Foss, and Google’s senior counsel on civil and human rights, Malika Saada Saar, will discuss how new technologies and increased access to data are changing the way police departments across the nation and our criminal justice system operate.
  3. As Samantha Bee, host of the highly viral political comedy show, “Full Frontal with Samantha Bee,” has taken on topics ranging from Donald Trump supporters to the refugee crisis, she’s also shaken up the boys’ club of late-night TV. Bee will join us for an intimate conversation on how she’s established and stayed true to her unique vision for the nine-month-old show
  4. Ever wonder where this election’s “Hope” poster was? We’ll have leading graphic designers including Natasha Jen of Pentagram, Bobby C. Martin from OCD, and Carly Ayres of HAWRAF weigh in on the influence of design in political campaigns, and the particular challenges of capturing this year’s election spirit in imagery.
  5. Despite suffering military defeats and losing territory, ISIS continues to expand its presence online, using the internet to recruit new members and disseminate its messages across borders. To confront and disrupt this recruitment, Alphabet company Jigsaw is using the power of Google’s ad tech to curate, target, and disseminate anti-extremist content. Jigsaw’s head of R&D, Yasmin Green, will join us to talk about this effort and how private-sector actors can use their own expertise to aid in the fight
  6. Some of the money that most of us pay in taxes each year goes toward the scientific exploration of organizations like NASA and NOAA. But the funding that each gets in the service of space and ocean research, respectively, is vastly different, and in our opinion begs the question: Which “final frontier” will really have the greatest impact on generations to come? Find out in a lively debate with ocean explorer Philippe Cousteau, NASA chief scientist Ellen Stofan and others…

Oh, and we’ll also be talking about a lot of non-political things… Check out the full lineup here.


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