Apple’s New TV Ad Artfully Pushes New Messaging Features In iOS

The star of the video is a red balloon that travels a long distance to reach a birthday party.

Apple’s New TV Ad Artfully Pushes New Messaging Features In iOS

Apple’s new TV ad hopes to turn people on to the fancy new messaging features in iOS 10, which the company calls “expressive messaging.”

Messaging in iOS is far more dynamic than in earlier versions of the OS. You can now add colorful backgrounds (like rising balloons or confetti or disco laser lights), make text larger, smaller and animated, add video or music within the messages, or add in content from messaging app partners like Jib Jab. A new feature makes suggestions where you might want to replace words with emoji.

The video is quite beautiful (of course). It features a bright red balloon coming out of a farmhouse window and flying against gray skies and over the ocean until making it to a city setting, then flying through a window where a birthday party is taking place.

The ad seeks to convey the idea that messages can now contain a much wider array of emotional meanings.

The music in the video—by the artist Toulouse—is pretty cool, too.

iOS 10 officially launched with the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus on September 7.

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