• 09.29.16

Unreal Estate: Here’s How Much Your Favorite Fictional Houses Are Worth

The Sopranos, Harry Potter, and other fictional folks get their property valued in an infographic that makes you reconsider their finances.

Tony Soprano and Walter White tend to get compared a lot. The reason is because they are perhaps the two most prominent generals in the battle to make the leads of all TV dramas antiheroes. Both characters had hidden lives, though only one was hiding in plain sight. It was obvious from the way he lived that mob boss Tony Soprano was more than a waste management consultant, while Walter White kept his meth money relatively low-profile. One of the easiest ways to demonstrate the difference between the two is that White’s house cost $200,000 and the Soprano estate is worth $1.7 million. These are the kinds of things you learn when you look into fictional real estate. (Unreal estate?)


Fictional Houses For Sale is a new infographic that estimates the value of the Whites, The Sopranos, and many more famous fictional houses. The team at Which?, the U.K. mortgage advisors, arrived at the estimated costs based on a number of factors, including location, space, and era. For instance, one assumes the $200,000 figure on Walter White’s place came before the house was eventually destroyed. Have a look below for a worthy companion piece to our previous looks at how much the businesses in The Simpsons would be worth, and the floorplans inside fictional apartments.

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