Slack Unveils The First Of Many Integrations With Salesforce

The popular enterprise messaging platform will be able to pull in Salesforce record data, and sync with its Chatter messaging feature.

Slack Unveils The First Of Many Integrations With Salesforce
[Photo: Flickr user Ian Brown]

The popular enterprise messaging app Slack said today that it’s partnering with Salesforce to let companies that use both platforms more easily unify and harmonize sales lead information and conversations.

Slack users will soon be able to type in the “/salesforce” command to search for sales prospects, customers, contacts, or lead records in Salesforce. The search, Slack says, will return three results, any one of which can expand to display full sales record information.

For companies using both Slack and Salesforce, conversations about sales prospects can sometimes happen in two places at once, which creates a risk of duplicated efforts or worse. A new integration will link Slack and Salesforce’s Chatter messaging app in a way that unites the conversations. Chatter users can enter the “/slack” slash command to send updates from Chatter into Slack. Slack users can enter the “/chatter” command to send massage data into Chatter.

In another integration designed to centralize conversations, Slack channels can be linked to Salesforce customer records. A new section will appear in the record to show the number of unread Slack messages about the account.

The new integrations, Slack says, will be available to companies using both Slack and Salesforce in October. A Slack representative told Fast Company that there’s no charge for these first integrations, and that more and deeper integrations between the two platforms are in the works.