Hulu Explains 75 Years of Video So Marketers Know Where To Spend Their Money

Turns out streaming hasn’t killed people’s appetite for television after all–so here’s Hulu’s pitch to ad buyers.

WHAT: A 90-second animated spot from Hulu called “A Brief History of Video.”


WHO: Hulu, director Justin Harder, Golden

WHY WE CARE: There’s a lot of chatter these days about the future of television and advertising–but in reassuring news for people who fear that the move to streaming will leave us in a wasteland where everybody just watches random YouTube or before moving on to the next thing, it turns out that That’s good for platforms like Hulu, which goes hard after ad buyers in this clever, animated spot that offers enough context and visual interest in its pitch that–even if you don’t care about who spends ad dollars where–you’ll stick around to see their take on the evolution of our screens, and the shows and ads that appear on them.

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