Late-Night Roundup: The Presidential Debate Sparks Talk On Facts And Frisks

Some of the same jokes were on a loop last night, but Trevor Noah managed hit on something very important.

Late-Night Roundup: The Presidential Debate Sparks Talk On Facts And Frisks

The first of three presidential debates kicked off last night with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump squaring off at Hofstra University. What was billed as the most highly anticipated and possibly most watched debate ever failed to disappoint: Fact checkers fingers practically caught fire. Widdle Trumpie had a case of the sniffles. Clinton shimmied her way into GIF-stardom. And late night couldn’t get enough of it:

Stephen Colbert interviewed a very confused undecided voter (Rob Lowe)–please, Lord, let there be no one with a Magic 8-Ball in the voting booths come November.

Seth Meyers gave the most comprehensive recapping of the lead-in to the debate that accurately put into context what went down last night.

And Trevor Noah’s delivered one of the night’s most salient moments in a direct message to Clinton regarding her comments about New York City’s former and very controversial stop-and-frisk policy: “Shootings went up in New York for a few years after stop-and-frisk ended. You don’t need to defend it by lying. This is one of the things I don’t understand. These are the small lies that allow false-equivalency to exist. You don’t need to confuse shootings with murders to justify ending stop-and-frisk.”

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