Audi Is Going For Big (And Backwards) Action For The Presidential Debate

This ad featuring a man and woman fighting it out for a fancy car will air during Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s first debate face-off.

Audi Is Going For Big (And Backwards) Action For The Presidential Debate

WHAT: An action-packed Audi ad that will be launching during the first presidential election debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

WHO: Audi, Venables Bell & Partners, director Ringan Ledwidge

WHY WE CARE: Considering many are predicting a TV audience upwards of 100 million people, it’s no wonder a major brand is using the occasion to launch an epic commercial. With Super Bowl numbers, comes Super Bowl advertising. Here Audi went all out, bringing in director Ringan Ledwidge, the “Most Awarded Director in the World” according to the 2015 Gunn Report, cinematographer Greig Fraser (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Fox Catcher, Zero Dark Thirty), Oscar-nominated designer K.K. Barrett (Her, Adaptation, Lost in Translation, Where the Wild Things Are) and stunt choreographer Robert Alonzo (Iron Man, Deadpool, Avengers).

The spot reflects what many are positioning the debate as–an epic fight between a man and a woman, with a fancy car standing in for the Oval Office. Not sure what the backwards narrative refers to, though the HRC camp might point to Trump’s views on women.

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