Tecate Endorses A Different Kind Of Border Wall In An Ad Premiering During The Debate

In 2016, apparently even beer is controversial.

Tecate Endorses A Different Kind Of Border Wall In An Ad Premiering During The Debate

WHAT: A new 30-second spot from Tecate, premiering tonight during coverage of the Presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

WHO: The ad was created by Tecate with Saatchi & Saatchi NY.

WHY WE CARE: This Presidential campaign is, er, unusual, to put it mildly–so the fact that a beer brand built an ad specifically to air during the coverage of the debate, like it’s the Oscars or the Super Bowl, is also weird and unexpected. That the ad has a partisan slant is similarly surprising–in the spot, Tecate invokes the Mexican Border Wall that is the core of Donald Trump’s policy platform before suggesting that it should be built about waist high, so you can set a cooler down on it and chill out with your bros on the other side with a few cold ones. Seeing a brand weigh in on partisan politics in the run-up to an election is rare, even if the message here is a pretty safe “we should all hang out and drink beer together” spin on Trump. Republicans drink beer, too, to paraphrase Michael Jordan–but on the other hand, the ones who are most likely to find this ad offensive probably don’t drink a ton of Mexican beer, so the stakes might be lower for Tecate than for other brands. In any case, the ad will premiere tonight on Telemundo, Univision, and–in a surprise twist–Fox News, so as you contemplate America’s potential slide into dystopia on one of several networks, you’re liable to see it.

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