4chan Premiered The Video To A Song From The “Snowden” Soundtrack On Its 404 Page

Error pages just got a little funkier, courtesy of Boys Noize,

4chan Premiered The Video To A Song From The “Snowden” Soundtrack On Its 404 Page

WHAT: The premiere of “Mayday,” the new song from Boys Noize off of the Snowden soundtrack

WHO: German electronic music producer Boys Noize produced the song, while the video was directed by Lil Internet.

WHY WE CARE: 4chan is mostly known for racist frog memes and celebrating school shootings, but the breadth of the community is wide enough to include an interest in the sort of privacy issues that Edward Snowden brought to light–so it makes sense that they’d be into an association with Oliver Stone’s Snowden film. Teaming with Boys Noize to release a video full of messages like “HI,” followed by “That Hi was for your boss, who can legally spy on you” and “You’re an ***hole” (also for your boss) may be a new thing for the site, but it’s still pretty on-brand. And in the interest of nihilism and not showing too much enthusiasm for anything outside of trying to freak out the normies, the video didn’t get a real push on the site–rather, it appears on 4chan’s 404 page, so if you type in 4chan.org/ifeelstrangelyuncomfortablelinkingto4chan (or anything else that doesn’t have a real page on the site), you’ll get to hear Boys Noize’s skittering beats over messages about privacy and clips of Joseph Gordon Levitt spliced with grainy footage of people being spied on.

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