Every Car Jerry Seinfeld Has Driven Comedians In To Get Coffee

A new infographic tracks all the opulent automobiles on display in Seinfeld’s webseries Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee.

One thing Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno have in common is they are both very rich and have a fascination with motor vehicles that’s indistinguishable from sexual attraction. The two enjoy luxury cars so much that they both have created shows where they get to tool around in their cars and feel, one imagines, pretty hunky dory about life. The difference is that with Leno’s show the focus is entirely on the cars. Seinfeld instead uses the cars as a (sponsored) means of conveying himself and a fellow comedian guest toward a caffeine-assisted gabfest. A new infographic, however, steers the focus of Seinfeld’s show squarely toward the cars.


Every Car From Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, gives a comprehensive rundown of all 56 cars featured across eight seasons of Seinfeld’s show. Created by the team at car-shopping hub Instamotor, the infographic describes and depicts every car, along with the comedian who rode in it that episode, and a short blurb about the car supplied by Seinfeld. Full of fancy-sounding rides such as Siata and Karmann Ghia, it’s like a pin-up calendar for anyone whose level of interest in cars even approaches Leno levels. (Don’t get too close, though; it’s kind of an unhealthy level.)

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