Your Grandparents Have A Message For You About This Election

Your vote matters–and if you make the wrong choice, prepare for some petty-ass spirits to ruin your life.

Your Grandparents Have A Message For You About This Election

WHO: Bend the Arc Jewish Action


WHAT: New campaign video “A Message from Grandma & Grandpa”

WHY WE CARE: We’re a little more than a month away from one of the most important and/or vitriolic elections to date, and supporters from each side are in full-throttle attack mode with their campaigns supporting and/or condemning Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. But if we’re giving out points for creativity, nay, pure common sense, we clearly have a winner by a landslide.

The anti-Trump movement is raining haymakers on the Republican nominee. Joss Whedon recently unleashed “just a shit-ton of famous people” trashing Trump in his ad for the Save the Day super PAC–and now your grandparents have something to say.

Bend the Arc Jewish Action released a new video for We’ve Seen This Before, the organization’s campaign to ensure the ugliest and most hateful moments in history don’t repeat themselves, i.e. pretty much what Trump wants to do. But there’s more at stake voting for Trump than you may have realized: these seniors will haunt the hell out of you.

“I will haunt your Tinder and only let you swipe right Rabbi’s daughters!”

“I’ll spoil every episode of Game of Thrones!”

Do you really need this level of horror in your life?

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