You May Never Park Your Car Again After Watching This Prostate Cancer PSA

“The Parking Lot Prostate Exam” may sound terrifying, but it shows there’s nothing scary about a screening exam.

You May Never Park Your Car Again After Watching This Prostate Cancer PSA

WHAT: A new awareness campaign from Prostate Cancer Canada that uses public parking meters to illustrate just how quick and easy it is to get checked for the most common cancer among men.

WHO: Prostate Cancer Canada, FCB Toronto

WHY WE CARE: OK so when you hear the words “The Parking Lot Prostate Exam,” you’d be forgiven for perhaps recoiling at the mental imagery your brain immediately conjures. The horror. The horror.

But! Fear not, all is metaphorical here and–save for a shocking freeze frame on a parking meter slot–relatively pain-free. It’s not everyday you get accosted in public about your prostate (unless it is, in which case, condolences) but here, Canadian Football League hall of famer Damon Allen asks men around Toronto about something I’m sure none of them expected when they decided to park their car.

Sure, it’s an almost unbearably awkward conversation to have, but a necessary one given the number of people affected by the disease, and simply put, early detection can save lives. And while not much is worse than talking to a stranger about your prostate in public, or being forced to equate a parking ticket slot with your own posterior, not detecting cancer early enough surely is.

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