• 09.21.16

Joss Whedon Assembles A Superheroic Team of Celebrities For This Hillary Clinton Ad

Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Don Cheadle, Mark Ruffalo, James Franco, and even some regulars, implore you to vote for Clinton.

Joss Whedon Assembles A Superheroic Team of Celebrities For This Hillary Clinton Ad
Cobie Smulders

WHAT: A new political ad from director Joss Whedon and his new Hillary Clinton Super PAC Save The Day, that assembles Avengers and non-Avenger actors alike to remind us all how important our voice is, and to use that voice to not vote for Donald Trump.


WHO: Joss Whedon, Save The Day PAC

WHY WE CARE: FAMOUS PEOPLE. Th..the..they..they’re everywhere. It’s like superhero blockbuster overload. If Tom Hiddleston was allowed to vote in this country, he’d probably be in here too. The only one missing is Chris Evans, but maybe Captain America needs to be neutral in such a contest, who knows the bureaucratic ins, outs, and what-have-yous of being a flag-bearing wonder cop. Anyway, here we have Joss Whedon–the director of the first two Avengers films–not only directing this ad but directing this ad for a pro-Clinton Super PAC he launched.

Here Whedon expertly mixes wide-eyed earnestness with more than a few self-aware wink-wink nudge-nudges to create a political ad people might actually enjoy and/or listen to. Of course it helps when you have approximately $4 bajillion worth of talent staring into the camera.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Whedon stopped working on his latest script to devote himself full-time to the new Super PAC, naming Ben Sheehan from Funny or Die its executive director, and Carri Twigg as head of media partnerships. Twigg worked in the office of public engagement for Vice President Joe Biden.

Save The Day plans to make between 15 and 25 more ads before the election.

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