Can You Tell If This Anti-Trump Ad Is Actually An Anti-Trump Ad Or Not?

A new political ad from the founders of agency Goodby Silverstein+Partners may look completely different, depending on what side you’re on.

Can You Tell If This Anti-Trump Ad Is Actually An Anti-Trump Ad Or Not?

WHAT: A new anti-Trump commercial that may have an opposite to the intended effect on Trump supporters.

WHO: Jeff Goodby, Rich Silverstein, Kate Catalinac

WHY WE CARE: America put a man on the moon, was first to cross the Atlantic Ocean in a plane, invented rock n’ roll and the internet. Pretty great, right? Well despite all its accomplishments, depending on who wins the election this November, the United States could become a global laughingstock. The question here is, for which candidate would this be the outcome? Depending on your political opinions, your answer could be either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.

In the context of being part of an ongoing anti-Trump campaign from advertising legends Jeff Goodby and Rich Silverstein, this new ad by the founders of award-winning ad agency Goodby Silverstein+Partners, is clearly meant to appeal to the common sense of people who see this list of American accomplishments juxtaposed with the man behind Trump University, and know exactly who the ad is talking about. And it will.

But the spot, created with agency creative director Kate Catalinac, is also a bit of an election Rorschach test. There’s no explicit denunciation of Trump, as the last shot simply reads, “Vote.” Even the tagline, “History is watching,” could be interpreted in two different ways. Is the U.S. in danger of being a laughingstock because no one will think ‘MURICA is a tough enough, or will it be because its newly elected leader once brawled at Wrestlemania, blatantly promoted a racist conspiracy theory, and has questionable ties to Russia?

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