More Women Are Buying The Apple Watch Series 2, According To Preorders

Females were slightly better represented in the preorders for the Series 2 than for the Series 1.

More Women Are Buying The Apple Watch Series 2, According To Preorders
[Photo: courtesy of Apple]

More women are buying the new Apple Watch Series 2 compared to the number of women who bought the previous version, according to new preorder data from Slice Intelligence, but men are still far more likely to buy the device. The research firm analyzes millions of online consumer transactions to get a look at who ordered what and when.


The data show that 74% of those who preordered an Apple Watch Series 2 between September 9 and 12 were men, while just 26% were women. Women were slightly better represented than in the preorders for the first Apple Watch in April 2015. Then, 20% of the preorders came from women and 80% came from men

It’s true that more men buy smartwatches than women in general. Samsung executives pointed out in a recent briefing on a new smartwatch that the device was geared toward men because women are far less interested in the category.

But the gender gap may be closing. NPD Connected Intelligence says that as of May about 35% of adult smartwatch owners in the U.S. were female. That’s up from just 29% in January, the firm says.

Slice also found that nearly one-third of those who pre-ordered an Apple Watch Series 2 had previously purchased an Apple Watch Series 1. That a full third of Watch owners would get in line early for the next edition of the device says something nice about the quality of the product and the loyalty of the customers.

Slice also points out that a slightly younger demographic is leading the preorders for the second Watch. Millennials placed the most preorders of any group (39%) during the opening four days, edging out the gen X crowd that led preorders for the first Watch.


Some other interesting nuggets from the data:

*The 42mm is the most sold size of Apple Watch, which mirrors the first Apple Watch launch.
*Black is the most popular watch band color for both woven nylon and sport bands.
*The Sport band is the most preferred option for Apple Watch 2 buyers and accounts for 70% of sales.

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