David Beckham And Kevin Hart Reunite For A Road Trip In New H&M Spot

WHAT: 30-second teaser for a new Beckham and Hart commercial for clothing retailer H&M

WHO: H&M, adam&eveDDB

WHY WE CARE: The last time we saw this pair, things were rather fraught. In their first ad for H&M a year ago, Hart had moved into Beckham’s apartment, apparently without the soccer star’s consent, as he prepared to play him in a biopic, I, Beckham. He then proceeded to mirror a very disconcerted Beckham’s every move.

Well, things seem to have warmed-up between them since then because here we see them taking a buddy-style road trip in a gaudy tour bus, en route to Vegas where Hart assures Beckham that “money men’” will find the idea of I, Beckham, The Musical, irresistible. Scrapes, laughs, and possibly an arrest evidently follow, with the full story to be revealed in a long-length version due to be released on October 26. It’s all to promote Beckham’s latest selection of Modern Essentials for H&M, which goes on sale from September 29.