Conan Uses Those Classic iPod Ads To Mock AirPods

A parody ad on the late night show reveals why Apple’s latest is an exercise in convenience.

Conan Uses Those Classic iPod Ads To Mock AirPods

WHAT: A parody of Apple ads, following the company’s latest unveiling.

WHO: The team at Conan.

WHY WE CARE: Having a name that sounds perilously close to the Air Bud franchise is only, like, the fifth least fortunate aspect of Apple’s new innovation. These dangling music Q-tips also come at the expense of a headphone jack and seem more easily lost than actual dandelion wisps in strong wind. At least they look super cool, though! (They look like recklessly inserted half-sucked candy canes.) To demonstrate a couple of these flaws, Conan went back in the vault and did a new version of the classic sillhouette-dance iPod ads from a decade ago. Although they were much-parodied in their time, the ads take on new relevance as we revel in the AirPods’ design flaws. Our collective eyeroll at these things is probably temporary, though. Everybody thought the iPad sounded irredeemably like some kind of digital tampon when it was announced, and then they embraced it. (Well, for a while.) Ultimately, most of us will soon be walking around with these reverse-Shrek ears lightly pincering our heads, without a complaint in the world. For now, though, let’s take a moment to turn up the mockery.

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