Milla Jovovich Makes Directorial Debut With New Sohn Video

From Resident Evil to new wave R&B, with “Signal” Jovovich adds another element to an eclectic career.

Milla Jovovich Makes Directorial Debut With New Sohn Video

WHAT: A new video for Sohn’s single “Signal,” is the directorial debut for Milla Jovovich.

WHO: Sohn, Milla Jovovich, Therapy Studios

WHY WE CARE: As modelling careers go, Milla Jovovich has had an eclectic one, seeing as it went from 1980s Revlon ads to starring in films like Luc Besson’s The Fifth Element, with a long IMDB page that is perhaps most notable for the Resident Evil action franchise (four sequels!). She’s also released an album and other music, and co-founded a fashion line. Now she adds to the list with this, her directorial debut for Vienna-based producer Sohn. The bare-bones, black and white video was shot in one continuous take, and features Jovovich reacting to something or someone unseen off-camera, while a projection of her doing pretty much the same thing plays around her.

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