It’s About Time There Was A Thriller About Gun Control Legislation

WHAT: The first trailer for Miss Sloane, a new film that renders gun control legislation exciting.

WHO: Shakespeare In Love director John Madden and star Jessica Chastain.

WHY WE CARE: Hollywood doesn’t kill people. Well, not most of the time anyway. But what it does do is make an impact on the way viewers process violent death. Judging from last week’s trailer, a movie like the forthcoming Free Fire makes the act of shooting people look like a lark among friends. If framing gun violence as comedy is one tactic, though, a new trailer this week suggests playing the fight against gun violence as a thriller.

Miss Sloane is a prestige drama starring the ubiquitous Jessica Chastain, coming to theaters this fall. In it, the actress plays an indefatigable lobbyist pushing to pass gun control legislation by any means necessary, against overwhelming odds. Wringing suspense out of what usually comes across as paint-curdling C-SPAN footage seems like a smart new approach toward how people view gun violence in movies. And at an appropriate time, to boot.