Jeff Bridges And Tom Brady Are A Buddy Comedy Duo In A New UGG Campaign

Brady’s got time to kill, apparently, and a new pal to kill it with.

Jeff Bridges And Tom Brady Are A Buddy Comedy Duo In A New UGG Campaign

WHAT: A new campaign from UGG that highlights the joys of sitting around and doing nothing in sheepskin slippers.

WHO: Ugg, Camp + King

WHY WE CARE: Tom Brady and Jeff Bridges are both perfectly acceptable celebrity pitchmen, but putting them together is a weird combo. UGG leans into that weirdness here by having Jeff Bridges serenade the currently-exiled passer as he sleeps–something we are more than happy to believe Jeff Bridges does as a hobby after collecting house keys of the rich and famous. (We already know he’s an expert in sleep therapy…)

The rest of the campaign splits the two up, but it’s no less whimsical: One spot features a silent Bridges being tended to by a pair of drones while wearing his slippers, while another has the still-silent Dude dance alone by a fire. The final ad in the campaign pairs Brady with Edelman, as the hyperactive receiver seeks to amuse himself in the presence of his laid-back quarterback. The zany tone isn’t a million miles away from what we typically see in ads with NFL dudes–DirecTV, Old Spice, even the latest from State Farm all have similar themes–but the contrast here between that with the stained wood and tanned leather aesthetic of UGG helps this campaign stand out anyway.

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