Watch NBA All Stars Assemble In This Pulpy Short Film For NBA 2K17

WHAT: A two-minute short film promoting the forthcoming release of NBA 2K17.

WHO: NBA 2K17 cover star Paul George, with Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, Draymond Green, Jimmy Butler, Andre Drummond, Karl-Anthony Towns, and Coach Mike Krzyzewski star in an ad from CP+B LA’s Jeff Dryer and Andrew Jasperson.

WHY WE CARE: Giving NBA players the opportunity to show off their weird sides is one of advertising’s favorite tricks right now–ask anybody from Foot Locker to Bonobos–which means that the league’s flagship video game partner can’t sleep on the chance to cast a group of all-stars as the heroes in a pulpy ’70s sci-fi/kung-fu adventure. That’s exactly what we get in “Time To Assemble,” which sees Paul George abandon his Tai Chi practice in order to get the rest of Team 2K together and into the high-tech lab where the game is ostensibly assembled. If you think about the concept behind the ad for more than two seconds or so, it kinda falls apart–but on the bright side, nobody is asking you to think about it for that long, and watching Jimmy Butler goof off on camera is a lot more fun than taking it seriously, anyway.