Nest Is Solving Mysteries Outside Your Home With A New Livestreaming Security Camera

WHAT: An ad campaign from Google/Alphabet smart-home brand Nest touting its newest product, an outdoor security camera.

WHO: Nest

WHY WE CARE: After a 2016 that’s seen it’s share of controversy, a CEO departure, and dozens of its engineers decamping for the Google mothership, here’s something Nest is actually happy to promote. Today marks the launch of its new, livestreaming outdoor security camera, and the brand’s new ad campaign illustrates all the weirdness you’re missing without it. Just your run of the mill neighborhood issues like…uh…runaway lawn mowers, stolen packages, vicious toilet-papering, and how a car got in your pool.

The campaign was created in-house and creative director Matteo Vianello says to launch the brand’s first product that lives outside, they wanted to avoid the cliches of advertising in the security category. “That lead us to a campaign that has fun and dramatizes the fact that there’s no sense in having a security camera unless you see everything that happened,” says Vianello. “Unlike other cameras, Nest Cam records 24/7–so no mystery goes unsolved.”