Kia Taps Video Game Nostalgia With Tecmo Bowl And An Unstoppable Bo Jackson

The new Sorento SUV campaign also reunites Jackson with fellow ’80s NFL icon Brian “The Boz” Bosworth.

Kia Taps Video Game Nostalgia With Tecmo Bowl And An Unstoppable Bo Jackson

WHAT: A new Kia campaign starring Bo Jackson recreating his ’80s Tecmo Bowl dominance in a Sorento SUV.

WHO: Kia, David&Goliath

WHY WE CARE: If you were a sports fan or played video games in the late 1980s you knew Tecmo Bowl. And if you knew Tecmo Bowl, you definitely knew how good Bo Jackson was. He was super human. And here Kia taps into some serious gamer nostalgia by getting Jackson himself to take a Sorento on a run that would make Peter Griffin proud. Add to that a spot that gets Jackson to (sort of!) recreate his most famous IRL run-ins with fellow ’80s NFL celebrity Brian “The Boz” Bosworth, and you’ve got a campaign that will strike deep into the hearts of any dude over 35.

David&Goliath chief creative officer Colin Jeffery says the brief for Kia’s Sunday Night Football campaign was to connect with football insiders in a meaningful way. “We all immediately liked the idea of using Tecmo Bo Jackson on the 25th anniversary of the game,” says Jeffery. “It’s a great piece of nostalgia, and Tecmo Bo’s reputation as an unstoppable total package aligned perfectly with what we wanted to say about the Sorento. Reuniting Bo with Brian Bosworth came from a desire to showcase the Autonomous Emergency Braking. These two are both legendary, and we loved the idea of a rematch at the goal line with the added twist of the Sorento’s safety feature.”

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