You Can Shop Ted Baker’s New Season Inside This Guy Ritchie-Produced Short Film

WHAT: Short and shoppable film, “Mission Impeccable” produced by Guy Ritchie to launch fashion brand Ted Baker’s fall/winter 16 collection.

WHO: Ted Baker, Poke, Google

WHY WE CARE: It’s hard to believe it is 18 years since the release of Guy Ritchie’s smash directorial debut, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, but split screens and Cockney narration never seem to get old. Both are used to good effect in this ambitious three-minute film to unveil Ted Baker’s ranges for the new season.

The film, made by young directors at Crowns & Owls who were mentored by Ritchie, unfolds like a mysterious undercover mission, complete with agents and villains who are given slightly absurd clothing-related Ritchie-style nicknames like “Weaver,” “Lacey” and “The Needle.” When watching the film on the Ted Baker site, or at Selfridges and Nordstrom online, it’s possible to click on different outfits and purchase them. The launch is supported with an in-store application of Google voice search, which will allow customers to read slogans found around its flagship London store to the app and win prizes.