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Dos Equis’ New Most Interesting Man In The World, Least Interesting Move For Brand

The original may have retired, but the beer brand isn’t ready to stop tapping the same idea.

Dos Equis’ New Most Interesting Man In The World, Least Interesting Move For Brand

Well surprise, surprise, surprise, we have a new Most Interesting Man in the World. Dos Equis and agency Havas New York have unveiled a younger, more active, and still adventurous soul who likes to hang out in bars with beautiful women. The beard may have less gray in it, but the idea behind it all is more of the same.

A magnificently successful advertising campaign, one that becomes part of culture, is something most brands are chasing, particularly in this age of ad-blocking, skipping, and avoiding-at-all-costs for many consumers. The dilemma comes when said ad campaign begins to push the boundaries of its natural shelf life. That can be a couple of months, a few years, or even in the rarest of cases, more than a decade.

The Most Interesting Man in the World was a campaign responsible for significantly boosting Dos Equis brand image and sales over the last decade. In March the brand made the very high-profile decision to retire the iconic character, lapping up all the earned media that would naturally come with such a decision. And as a follow up to all that hoopla we get . . . the exact same thing.

In a statement, Dos Equis vice president of marketing Andrew Katz said, “The meaning of ‘interesting’ has evolved over the past decade, and this campaign features a new character and look and feel that opens the door to a world of interesting possibilities for today’s Dos Equis drinker.” But really, coming back with pretty much the same campaign, just with a younger face doesn’t really meet any meaning of interesting. Even if they wanted to stay with the same concept, why not a Most Interesting Woman in the World?

Perhaps the public, like the brand, isn’t ready to quit the beloved character just yet, or maybe he’ll join Hipster Hamburglar and the rotating roster of new KFC Colonels in the Questionable Brand Mascot Reboot Hall of Fame. Either way, at a time when brands talk a lot about the need to take risks, Dos Equis took the safe route that would make The Most Interesting Man in the World yawn.

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