What It’s Like To Talk With Someone Who Just Got Back From Burning Man

WHAT: “How Was Burning Man?” a video that will resonate with those of us who have that one insufferable friend, or who work in Silicon Valley.

WHO: YouTuber Kevin Oeser, who came out of nowhere to drop four rather funny videos in the last 24 hours. (This being the best and most popular one.)

WHY WE CARE: Burning Man took place this past week in the Nevada Desert’s Black Rock City. A battalion of curiosity seekers, trust fund hippies, and enlightened CEOs are currently arriving home, which means a lot of people will have to hear them tell tales of the annual psychedelic gathering. (Or worse: read think pieces about it.) This video is a barely exaggerated rendering of the cosmically damaged conversations Burners tend to have in their immediate post-game headspace. Ask one how the trip was, and the answer is never just “I did a mule-colon’s worth of schedule 1 narcotics and discovered the true meaning of My Morning Jacket.” Such an answer would betray the degree to which the experience changed them as a person. As the antagonist of this video puts it at one point, describing Burning Man to someone who hasn’t been would be like “explaining the Bhagavad Gita to a jar of sand.” That’s life on The Playa for you. This video holds a grim, honest mirror up to a subculture that hasn’t seen one for at least a week.