Jim Beam Launches Its Own Whiskey-Soaked Wearable Apple Watch

The bourbon brand counters the Apple hype with a wearable that offers up its own kind of buzz.

Jim Beam Launches Its Own Whiskey-Soaked Wearable Apple Watch

WHAT: A new Apple Watch from Jim Beam that replaces connectivity with drinkability. Okay, it’s a shot glass you wear on your wrist.

WHO: Jim Beam, Olson Engage

WHY WE CARE: Okay, okay, so brands spoofing Apple and the hype cycle around any Apple event isn’t all that new. But here, on the day of a major product announcement out of Cupertino–which may or may not include a new Apple Watch–here an unexpected move by a decidedly lo-fi brand is welcome. Mostly because it involves finding a way to make bourbon a fashion accessory.

The Jim Beam Apple Watch is available for pre-order at the brand’s online store, and is pretty much a beer helmet for the whiskey crowd. It may not actually tell time–unless it’s happy hour, natch–but the brand boasts its “streamlined interface both opens and closes manually on demand, and it’s 1.5 oz. shot glass offers remarkable precision in both shot pouring and drink mixing.” Technology!

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