Adidas Wants All Athletes To Embrace Their Inner Prima Donna

There may be no “i” in team, but there is a “me.”

Adidas Wants All Athletes To Embrace Their Inner Prima Donna

WHAT: A new Adidas ad encouraging athletes to challenge the status quo in sports through creativity.

WHO: Adidas, 72andSunny

WHY WE CARE: This is every coach’s nightmare. Perhaps not in individual sports, but in those involving teams, the rewards of selfless, cooperative play are, if not entirely flashy, reliably effective. Now here comes Adidas encouraging everyone to embrace their inner prima donna–why do boring drills when you can dance? Of course, somewhere between style-over-substance and robot-like piety to the rules are players who can successfully incorporate creative thinking and play into any game. Here it’s Super Bowl 50 MVP Von Miller, two-time NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers, 2015 National League Rookie of the Year Kris Bryant of the Chicago Cubs, Manchester United’s Paul Pogba, four-time NBA all-star James Harden, San Antonio Stars rookie guard Moriah Jefferson, and more. No sign of any hockey players though, despite the brand taking over NHL jersey duties next season. Might have something to do with that sport’s, uh, less than stellar reputation in the arena of creative personality.

The voice-over here (decidedly reminiscent of a certain other recent funny sports brand voiceover) wants athletes to break away from the 110%-just-happy-to-be-here boring sportspeak and fly their own personal freak flag. That said, a champion can’t live on flash alone (hello, San Antonio Spurs!), and sometimes silence can be golden. Just ask Ryan Lochte.

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