John Oliver Offers More Rules As Random As “No White After Labor Day”

In a web exclusive video for his show’s off-week, John Oliver has some suggestions for other post-holiday rules as arbitrary as Labor Day’s.

John Oliver Offers More Rules As Random As “No White After Labor Day”

WHAT: A primer on some potential post-holiday rules.

WHO: John Oliver and the team at Last Week Tonight, the so-called “Ballers for weak and insecure people.”

WHY WE CARE: Nobody knows exactly why they’re not supposed to wear white after Labor Day. Some say a symbolic gesture about returning back to work from blissed-out summer vacation; others say it’s a measure against the stains common to a rainy, muddy autumn and winter. The one thing pretty much everyone can agree on, though, is that the rule sounds completely arbitrary and also assumes that everyone spends the time prior to Labor Day dressed like a 1950s soda jerk. In a web exclusive during his show’s off week, John Oliver makes a case for other similarly random post-holiday rules. Although these ideas do make a bit more sense than the white-wear ban, sadly one of these rules reveals that Oliver doesn’t appreciate decorative gourd season as much as some.

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