Kenzo Smells The Magic, Gatorade Plays Serena On Snapchat: The Top 5 Ads Of The Week

Netflix steals some Narcos footage, IBM’s AI trailer for Morgan, and Disney goes rogue with Star Wars fan film.

Kenzo Smells The Magic, Gatorade Plays Serena On Snapchat: The Top 5 Ads Of The Week

There may be no better way to roll into this week’s top 5 than to just insist you stop reading this instant and start watching the Kenzo perfume ad by Spike Jonze. Seriously, it’s so good, it’ll make you wish you smelled like . . . wait, why are you still reading? You haven’t hit “play” yet? Onward!


Kenzo “The New Fragrance”

What: A new short film written and directed by Spike Jonze to help launch fashion brand Kenzo’s first fragrance
Who: Kenzo, Spike Jonze
Why We Care: C’mon. Best four minutes of the week. Margaret Qualley (The Leftovers, The Nice Guys) absolutely slays this spiritual sequel to Jonze’s “Weapon of Choice.” And if we could all smell like this, the world would be a much better place.

Netflix “Narcos Stolen Season 2 Footage”

What: Narcos DEA agents Steve Murphy and Javier Pena “steal” the first 11 minutes of footage from the new season, and decided to live-stream it on Facebook Live.
Who: Netflix, Alma
Why We Care: Well, the most crucial reason to care if you’re a Narcos fan is that this extended promo serves up a solid preview to season two of the show. As a marketing exercise, it’s a fun wink-wink with “found footage” to the show’s illicit subject matter and dangerous characters, as well as a perfectly timed hype for the September 2nd drop date.


20th Century Fox/IBM “Morgan AI Trailer”

What: For the upcoming thriller Morgan, the two brands teamed up to create the first movie trailer edited by artificial intelligence, along with a brief mini-doc following the trailer about the editorial process with IBM’s Watson.
Who: 20th Century Fox, IBM
Why We Care: Rise of the machines! Can a computer really recreate the magic that sparks the soul when you hear a voice like Don Lafontaine’s tease a film? It’s coming. And what better time to test the creative chops of artificial intelligence than in editing together a trailer for a thriller about some murderous AI?

Gatorade “Serena Williams’s Match Point”

What: Gatorade created an online and Snapchat 8-bit style game that lets you play every one of Williams’s career major wins.
Who: Gatorade, TBWA/Chiat/Day LA, Ludomade
Why We Care: By mixing sports, gaming, and Snapchat, this pretty much hits the marketer zeitgeist right on the nose. The brand says it’s the first multilevel video game playable on the Snapchat platform, and it takes users through 22 levels of tennis, one for every Grand Slam singles title Williams has won over the last 17 years. The added bonus is a U.S. Open tie-in–if Williams plays her way to number 23 on September 10 (the day of the Women’s Finals), Level 23 will unlock in the game. Play the game within the Snapchat app at ESPN Discover, or at

Star Wars “Go Rogue: Chapter 1”

What: An official, Disney-sanctioned, two-minute stop-motion film created by fans through Tongal, that reveals the wide variety of Star Wars toys coming out this fall and winter
Who: Hasbro, Lego, Jakks Pacific, Mattel, Funko, Disney Store, directors Dan MacKenzie and Tucker Barrie, writer Kevin Ulrich
Why We Care: The shining fad of crowdsourced marketing has long faded but when done in a truly authentic (and creative and professional) way it can have amazing results. Obviously all things Rogue One will be huge come December, but by teaming up with Star Wars fans to create an official film that is not only fun but showcases the toys, Disney ensures people who don’t normally follow toy news to will feel the delightful disturbance in the Force.


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