• 09.01.16

Twitter Launches New Periscope Options For Brands With Andy Roddick At U.S. Open

Roddick teams with Chase and Grey Goose for the first of Periscope’s new branded series broadcasts.

Twitter Launches New Periscope Options For Brands With Andy Roddick At U.S. Open
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During Wimbledon back in July, Andy Roddick put a new school twist on former pros making the transition to broadcasting. Instead of slapping on a suit and sitting behind a network desk, the retired U.S. Open champ just fired up Periscope on Twitter to offer his commentary and analysis directly to fans. Now, as the 2016 U.S. Open kicks off, Roddick has partnered with Chase and Grey Goose to put a branded spin on his live video skills with the #MasterTheOpen content campaign. It also marks the debut of a few new advertising options Twitter is offering marketers.


In a new series of Periscope broadcasts during the tournament, Roddick will invite viewers to watch the broadcasts with him, giving his expert commentary on the match-ups and matches, answering viewer questions, as well as bringing viewers along on his experiences in and around the Open. And all of it will be live on Periscope and Twitter.

Twitter’s Amplify program works with content creators and brand partners to help their content reach audiences on Twitter and Periscope, and this campaign will appear on Twitter through Roddick, Grey Goose, and Chase @andyroddick, with select broadcasts appearing as Promoted Tweets, and branded broadcast highlight videos will be tweeted by Roddick and the brands.

While brands have been able to promote a single Periscope broadcast, this campaign is the launch of Twitter expanding that to a series of broadcasts, not just one. It’s native advertising, with disclosure in each broadcast title “thanks to @sponsor,” and will have video highlights clipped from the broadcasts and shared with branded pre-roll on Twitter video.

This new Periscope brand series option is available to marketers globally starting today.

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