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The Five Things We Need Resolved In “Stranger Things 2”

Netflix announced today Stranger Things 2 is a go. (Because of course.) Here’s what we hope to see resolved. [Spoilers ahead!]

The Five Things We Need Resolved In “Stranger Things 2”

Ever since Stranger Things became the surprise unmissable hit of the summer, the show’s creators have played coy about the certainty of a season two. Fans have been less coy about wanting more of the show, though. You may have seen those #JusticeForBarb hashtags around from time to time, or, you know, been inside of an office elevator at some point.


Obviously, there was going to be a sequel. The Duffer Brothers, who still sound like a tag-team wrestling duo from the 1980s, are demonstrably in love with the show they made, and Netflix loves being talked about constantly on the internet and in real life. This morning, the company finally announced that there will, in fact, be a second season of Stranger Things in 2017. Fans will once again wade into the lovingly reconstructed early 1980s world, and hang out with well-realized characters of differing age groups in a tonally consistent frightfest with heart. They will also maybe get some of their burning questions answered.

Part of the reason a second season felt so inevitable is because The Duffer Brothers–and their team of writers, to be fair–were so successful at world-building. The show’s mythology had plenty of detail, but also left enough mystery to make the wait for resolution feel like dripping water torture. Now that the presumably hefty contract renegotiation has been finalized, here are the five main things Co.Create needs to know more about in season two. Spoilers ahead, obviously.

  1. What The Hell Is Going On With Will? When last we left Will, he’d returned from the Upside Down to join his family for a nice meal and everything had gone back to normal. Except it totally hasn’t! The demogorgon had already begun cultivating Will’s body for its own mystery means, and there is direct and disgusting evidence that it may have partly succeeded. When the lights blink in the bathroom while Will is coughing up a ‘gorg tentacle chunk and it appears he’s back in the Upside Down, is that just a trick of the mind? Or does he now have a kinetic connection to that place?
  2. How And Why Is Hopper Helping Eleven? We all know what Chief Hopper putting out Eggos in the forest-hatch means. Eleven is not dead! Wipe your tears, friends, because the best character on the show is coming back. But, hang on. How did Eleven and Hopper come to this arrangement? What does it all mean?
  3. Why Did Barb Not Make It Out Of The Upside Down, But Will Did? Oh Barb, we hardly knew ye. Really. We barely saw her at all. If you believe internet memory, Barb was the main character of the show and its most enduring component. But really, she only had, like, six minutes of screen time in which to execute precision high school sass in Molly Ringwald’s castoff wardrobe. In any case, she didn’t make it out of the Upside Down and Will did. What did Will know that Barb did not, besides a plethora of Dungeons and Dragons minutia? The Duffer Brothers have hinted, though, that #JusticeForBarb is coming after all, so maybe now we’ll find out why what happened to her happened to her. (And not Will.)
  4. What Was Up With Hopper’s Daughter? One of the more intriguing fan theories floating around the internet like suspended snow in an alternate realm is that Hopper’s daughter is somehow the key to some of the evil deeds in Hawkins, Indiana. The moment in the flashback before she gets sick, it certainly seems like she sees something terrifying that maybe her parents can’t see. Could she, like Will Byers in the end, have come back from the Upside Down with an extra layer of vision? Probably not, but there has got to be more to her death (or non-death?) than was revealed in season one.
  5. Does That Hatched Egg Hopper Found Mean More Demogorgons? When Hopper was in the Upside Down, he found a gross, hatched space-egg that did not portend well at all. The Duffer Brothers have not addressed this egg in any conclusive way in interviews–which is a good thing! hooray for mysteries!–but it’s obviously shown for a reason. Is this the egg from whence came the first season’s non-human antagonist? Or is it a sign that there are others lurking and that Stranger Things Season 2 will be lousy with demogorgons out the yin-yang? We’ll have to wait until next year to find out.


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