Lil Dicky’s Trojans, Tiger Beer’s Air-Pollution Ink: The Top 5 Ads Of The Week

Wind Mobile hits the feels, Nike stays Unlimited, and Canal Plus scores a daylong GOOOOOOOOOOAAAL.

Lil Dicky’s Trojans, Tiger Beer’s Air-Pollution Ink: The Top 5 Ads Of The Week

There are a few things we’re conditioned to expect from beer advertising–laughs, partying, and ‘Murica are just a few, but art created with air pollution is most certainly not on the list. And that’s what makes Tiger Beer’s Air-Ink partnership with Graviky Labs so interesting. Sure, it’s not trying to save the world, unless making ink somehow helps lower emissions (it doesn’t), but it’s creative thinking like this that will give us something nice to look at while we choke on exhaust fumes. Onward!


Tiger Beer “Air-Ink”

What: Tiger Beer and India’s Graviky Labs, an MIT spin-off company, team up to create Air-Ink, ink made from the by-product of air pollution.
Who: Tiger Beer, Graviky Labs, Marcel Sydney
Why We Care: It’s not available to the public (yet?), but so far they’ve made 150 liters of Air-Ink by collecting the equivalent of more than 2,500 hours’ worth of diesel emissions from trucks, ferries, chimneys, and cranes around Hong Kong and India. Depressing/interesting factoid: Just one of their Sharpie-like pens is filled with ink made from 40 to 50 minutes of diesel car pollution.

Wind Mobile “With Your Eyes”

What: An Italian ad for Wind Mobile that hits the goosebumps with a light commentary on our selfie-obsessed lives
Who: Wind Mobile, Ogilvy & Mather Italy
Why We Care: This isn’t the first time Wind and agency Ogilvy & Mather Italy has hit us with some serious family feels by reflecting our modern mobile culture. Last time it was Dad, and this time they tell a nice little story of two sisters that will have siblings everywhere reaching for their phone.

Trojan “Alphabetization”

What: A new set of condom ads starring former ad man/rap star Lil Dicky that cleary outlines the advantages of covering up
Who: Trojan, Colangelo
Why We Care: Beyond the oh-so-obvious joke of getting a guy named Dicky for a condom ad, this spot (coupled with its flatulence-free direct sequel) is a perfect use of Lil Dicky’s talents for making us laugh while making a good point. Like his last outing for the brand, we get some soberly hilarious real talk around the consequences of careless sex . . . like STDs and messy paperwork.


Canal Plus “The Commentator”

What: French cable channel Canal Plus shows us one sportscaster’s GOOOOOOOOOOAAAL-filled daily life.
Who: Canal Plus, BETC Paris
Why We Care: Face it, this is exactly how you picture the lives of certain soccer commentators to be like.

Nike “Unlimited Pursuit”

What: Olympians like gymnast Simone Biles, hoops star Elena Delle Donne, sprinter Allyson Felix, and more show that the pursuit doesn’t end after the closing ceremonies.
Who: Nike, Dirty Robber
Why We Care: Like we said earlier this week, it’s clear we’re fans of Nike’s Rio-ish themed “Unlimited” campaign–yep, we loved the babies, the Iron Nun, Kyle Maynard, and even talked to CMO Greg Hoffman about it all. And this spot is a perfectly suitable bookend to it.


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