Matthew McConaughey Says It’s “Our Turn To Help” Louisiana Flood Victims In New PSA

The devastation in Louisiana requires our attention–and our resources–as this new Ad Council spot makes clear.

Matthew McConaughey Says It’s “Our Turn To Help” Louisiana Flood Victims In New PSA

WHAT: A 30-second spot directing viewers to, which offers statistics, information, and a number of ways to help to people concerned about the flooding in Louisiana.

WHO: The Ad Council, GSD&M

WHY WE CARE: The flooding in Louisiana resulted in a declaration of a Federal Disaster Zone less than two weeks ago, and the situation is ongoing–60,000 homes were destroyed, schools are still closed, and 100,000 people are seeking federal assistance from the unprecedented storms in areas that were previously considered low-risk. It’s tough to turn around an ad intended to drive home the scale of that devastation on such a quick timeframe, but the Ad Council and agency GSD&M put together something stark and effective: Still photos not just of the unbelievable impact of the storms and the floodwaters, but also of the hope that people who lend a hand can provide to the people who are suffering. Over some of Austin folk-rockers Wiretree’s jangly guitar, the ad shows people sitting on their porches in front of high waters, and taking boats through their neighborhood streets, as well as people and their pets being rescued from flooded cars by neighbors there to land a hand. By the time Matthew McConaughey intones, “Now it’s our turn,” it’s hard not to feel compelled to visit the website and select one of the seven organizations doing work on the ground to offer support to. That’s as effective an ad response and call to action as you can hope for a crisis that’s still unfolding.

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