Lego Gets Down With “Lifestyles Of The Brick And Famous”

This Lego City Airport ad gets the VIP treatment.

Lego Gets Down With “Lifestyles Of The Brick And Famous”

WHAT: A new ad for Lego’s City Airport drops a Danish toy-themed beat to show off the high life of little bricks.

WHO: Lego, Tongal

WHY WE CARE: Ever since The Lego Movie, the brand’s credo has basically become “Everything is Awesome”–whether it’s rolling out new original properties, a minifigged Force Awakens, or teasing the new Batman movie most people actually want to see. Here we step away from the licensing to get back into the yellow minifig lifestyle with a fun music video that puts a Lego spin on rockstar cliches. The only thing that would make this better is if it had a corresponding Rich Minifigs of Instagram page.

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