Prioritizing Productivity

Q&A with Samsung USA CMO Marc Mathieu Created for and commissioned by Samsung

Prioritizing Productivity
Marc Mathieu, Chief Marketing Officer of Samsung USA

As various technologies infiltrate more of our lives, the line between business and personal matters thins. Constant connectivity breeds constant attentiveness, with both work emails and personal Instagram feeds just a notification away.


For a younger generation, this is a way of life. Millennials not only embrace technology, but are also perpetually searching for ways to enhance, optimize, and streamline their personal experience. And, regardless of age, all mobile tech users now need a counterbalance to a world of endless digital possibilities: They need tools that help them productively prioritize and focus.

Following the company’s recent Do More Series panel at Samsung 837, its dynamic new space in New York’s Meatpacking District, we caught up with Marc Mathieu, the chief marketing officer of Samsung USA to talk about balancing work and play, changing business practices, and the future of tech.

In your introduction to this week’s panel, you discussed the process of designing a single device for those who want to both “do more play and do more work.” How do you merge those seemingly opposing goals?
I think people have naturally merged the two on their own. With work on people’s minds 24/7, you need to fuse the work and the play. The reality is you have moments when you’re working on stuff, but you also have moments of entertainment. You can play a game on your way to a meeting and use the same device to prepare at the same time.

My daughter has an Instagram account that’s all about travel, so you could say it’s entertainment. And it’s not a business for her, but the way she uses technology to build it up resembles something like a business model. It’s a great example of that combination of work and play.

What have you learned about users’ changing relationship with mobile technology?
What we see more and more is the way the millennial generation works. They’re fundamentally on a mission to accomplish whatever it is they’re doing. They expect much more from their devices—both to enable them to enjoy themselves but also to be productive. They’re always reacting to opportunities.

What are the greatest obstacles to business productivity and personal productivity today?
It’s less obstacles than it is unfulfilled opportunities. A lot of our life is not fully connected yet. The more we’re going to be able to connect the various devices and moments in our everyday lives, the more technology is going to be an enabler of doing more. You’ll be far less busy with the mundane tasks. You won’t have to take an appointment on your phone and copy the address into your GPS or your Uber. Those manual tasks will go away.


How has technology changed the way you personally have approached productivity over the course of your career?
I no longer think of my day as starting when I come to the office—it starts when I wake up. I’m going to look at text messages, social media, news, and emails on my mobile device. Everything is converged into one place now, and you can personalize it to your needs. That’s one of the beauties of the Samsung devices powered by Android, is that you have an ability to create a personalization that’s unique.

Looking to the future, how do you see technology shaping how we approach productivity?

What I find fascinating is the fact that technology is seamlessly connected around the mobile device. If you think about 360 video and virtual reality, I was blown away the first time I tried the Gear 360. It’s almost as small as a golf ball, and you can immediately transfer videos to your phone without using any larger device. It’s seamless, and it relies on an ecosystem of products that includes both creation devices and consumption devices. The mobile phone is at the center of that, and we’re going to see more and more connectivity of creation and consumption by users.

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