Marvel And ESPN’s College Football Promo Posters Are A Titanic, Two-Fisted Team-Up

WHAT: Some corporate synergy from ESPN and Marvel in the form of posters promoting some of the marquee opening week college football matchups.

WHO: The artists on the posters include Sean Chen, Tom Grummet, Admira Wijaya, and Rags Morales.

WHY WE CARE: In the years since Marvel’s acquisition by Disney, the synergy between the comic book publisher and ESPN has been strong–and resulted in some fun mashups. The latest promote the opening of the 2016 college football season, tapping Marvel vets like Rags Morales, Tom Grummet, and Sean Chen for work, as well as relative newcomers to the company like Admira Wijaya, for posters highlighting some of the big matchups: Auburn/Clemson, Notre Dame/Texas, Ole Miss/Florida State, Alabama/South Carolina, and LSU/Wisconsin. For added fun, each of the posters draws its inspiration from a classic Marvel cover–from Herb Trimpe’s famous image of Wolverine battling the Hulk to Todd McFarlane’s shot of Spider-Man being stalked by Venom, and more. While it’ll remain to be seen if any of those matchups will feature showdowns as epic as, say, Walt Simonson’s depiction of the battle between Thor and Beta Ray Bill (which South Carolina/Alabama pays tribute to), it certainly sets them all up as downright epic.