A U.K. Charity Is Putting Photos Of Missing People Inside Pokéballs To Raise Awareness

While you’re out looking for Charizard, keep your eyes open for more.

WHAT: A Pokémon Go-themed campaign in London to raise awareness of missing people.


WHO: The U.K. charity Missing People with Bartle Bogle Hegarty’s intern program, BBH Barn.

WHY WE CARE: There’s no shortage of Pokémon Go-inspired content out there, but very little of it is both clever and socially relevant. But this campaign ticks both of those boxes–asking people who are keeping their eyes open for invisible monsters to also think about the missing people who occupied the same space that they themselves did engages them on their own terms and urges them to think about things in the world that it’s easy to ignore. By putting the faces of people who went missing inside of Pokéballs near Trafalgar Square, Waterloo Station, and other high-traffic areas in London–near where they were last seen–it raises awareness in a way that has the potential to activate the army of people out on the streets trying to catch ’em all in a good cause. At the very least, it’s worth a shot.

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