Mercedes-Benz Shows Roger Federer Like You’ve Never Seen Him Before

The legend pulls a Forrest Gump in tennis history, impersonating McEnroe, Agassi, and more through the ages.

Mercedes-Benz Shows Roger Federer Like You’ve Never Seen Him Before

WHAT: “Timeless Legends”, a spoof documentary for Mercedes-Benz with Roger Federer impersonating tennis stars through the ages.

WHO: Mercedes-Benz USA, Merkley & Partners

WHY WE CARE: It would be hard to imagine the suave, sophisticated, and unflappable Roger Federer throwing a tantrum. But you don’t have to because in this fun film he pulls off a very convincing McEnroe-style rant. The two-minute film purports to chronicle Federer’s Forrest Gump-like career, even though it begins in an era decades before he was born. Narrated by CBS sports broadcaster Bill Macatee, and including a cameo from 1960s tennis great Rod Laver, the film shows our hero in several historical scenarios, including an impersonation of Andre Agassi, which serves as a reminder that some ’80s haircuts were bordering on criminal.

The Swiss legend missed the Olympics due to a knee injury and will be out for the rest of the season. In the run up to the US Open, which begins on August 29, Mercedes-Benz USA has cleverly managed to both deploy Federer, despite him being unable to play, while spotlighting a slew of its classic cars.

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