The Recommender: What Execs From Argodesign, Zillow, and Coursera Are Loving Now

A gorgeous tropical island, vintage hats from a style icon, and a Los Angeles cabaret.

The Recommender: What Execs From Argodesign, Zillow, and Coursera Are Loving Now
Daphne Koller recommends visiting Palau Island [Photo: Alamy]

8 things the Fast Company community is loving this month.


1. Palau Island
“I love to travel and recently visited the South Pacific island of Palau. In addition to some amazing scuba diving, we snorkeled in a lagoon full of nonvenomous jellyfish, which felt like swimming in a bowl of Jell-O: surreal and creepy.” –Daphne Koller, cofounder and president, Coursera

2. Doughboys podcast

[Illustration: Peter Oumanski]

“The Doughboys is basically two comedy writers eating at chain restaurants and rating them, but it’s so much more. They savage each other without sounding like jerks. Also, they’re really funny.” –Jesse Thorn, owner, Maximum Fun; Fast Company MCP

3. Arbor Skateboards

From $129,
“I got a sweet longboard from this Venice, Los Angeles, shop. I love skating my way into the office on my Arbor board.” –John Tabis, CEO, Bouqs

4. Lana Turner hat exhibit

“I’m thrilled that the Red Rooster restaurant in New York is showcasing the fabulous hats and vintage accessories from the collection of Harlem style icon Lana Turner, known for her curatorial eye and charm.” –Thelma Golden, director and chief curator, Studio Museum in Harlem

Lana Turner hat exhibit[Photo: Darío Calmese]

5. Sushi Kashiba

Prices vary,
“My new favorite restaurant is Sushi Kashiba, which opened recently in Seattle’s Pike Place Market. Hands down the best omakase I’ve had since I moved here 10 years ago.” –Jeremy Wacksman, chief marketing officer, Zillow


6. Heal on-demand medical care

Copay or $99 flat fee,
“The Heal app sends doctors on demand to your home. It’s such a huge lifesaver that I don’t have to wait in line at urgent care for earaches anymore.” –Aaron Hirschhorn, founder and CEO, DogVacay

7. Nautilus magazine

$12 per issue,
“This is a beautiful science, culture, and philosophy magazine that covers a new topic every month in print with a new chapter on that topic online every Thursday. It’s inspiring for any designer interested in expanding their frameworks for seeing the world.” –Mark Rolston, founder, Argodesign; Fast Company MCP

8. For the Record

From $77,
For the Record is a live cabaret that performs iconic movie songs from directors like John Hughes and Quentin Tarantino. It’s a must-see if you’re in Los Angeles.” –Sarah Baum, senior director of UX design, eSalon

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