Harley Davidson Wants You To Choose Your Favorite Marvel Comics Custom Motorcycle

Ghost Rider’s flaming wheels not included.

A paradoxical fact of extreme nerdiness is that the more deeply you commit to whatever niche facet of the world you find yourself obsessed with, the more it swings back around from “nerdy” to “cool.” An oversized black t-shirt with the face of Marvel’s supernatural hero Ghost Rider on it? Nerdy. A custom-built Harley Davidson designed and painted to resemble the motorcycle hero’s own flaming bike? Cooooooool.


That’s not just a random example, either: Harley just announced a collaboration with Marvel that sees a robust series of custom bikes patterned after a wide array of the company’s heroes and villains. While Ghost Rider–who’s a leather-clad biker badass with a flaming skull on a motorcycle that is literally made out of fire–is an obvious choice for the line, he’s hardly the only Marvel hero to show up in the series. Fans can ride bikes based on Captain America and Iron Man, Thanos and Ultron, Drax and Groot, The Punisher and the Black Panther, the Black Widow and Spider-Gwen, Spider-Man and Thor, or Ant-Man and the Wasp, too.

That’s a hefty lineup, and it doesn’t even do justice to the depth of it, since many of those characters come in multiple styles and options. While it’s best not to think too hard about the practicalities here (does Ant-Man’s bike shrink with him? Why doesn’t he just ride an ant? Thanos is an intergalactic Titan, where did he get a motorcycle?), it’s definitely worth your time to look at each of them carefully–fans can vote on their favorites, for a chance to win the super-bike of their dreams. Whichever bike you prefer (and, let’s be real, it’s probably Ghost Rider), the attention to detail is on-point here in all of them: the Drax motorcycles feature styling in the patterns of the green behemoth’s tattoos, the Iron Man bike is a big red-and-yellow monument to Tony Stark’s love of primary colors, the Ant-Man is basically Scott Lang’s uniform in motorcycle form, etc. These nerdy motorcycles were clearly built by people with a lot of love for their inspiration, and that makes them cool as hell.

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